Research Interests

  • Organization of neuron sensory selectivities
  • Membrane potential dynamics in awake behaving animals
  • Investigating properties of subcortical and cortical circuitry
  • Testing computational network models with physiological measurements
  • Excitatory and inhibitory inputs underlying neuron response properties
  • Developmental plasticity
  • Evolution of the mammalian cerebral cortex
  • Audiovisual behavior and circuit plasticity

Current Projects

  • Membrane potential dynamics in awake-behaving primates
  • Emergence of direction selectivity in the cerebral cortex
  • The evolution of orientation selectivity and a cortical map
  • Binocular plasticity and development in circuits
  • Response dynamics and variability of simple and complex cells
  • Computing stereoscopic depth
  • Roles of synaptic inhibition in shaping tuning for sensory inputs