Selected Publications

A binocular synaptic network supports interocular response alignment in visual cortical neurons
Neuron 2022
Benjamin Scholl, Clara Tepohl, Connon Thomas, Melissa Ryan, Naomi Kamasawa, David Fitzpatrick
Cortical neuron response selectivity derives from strength in numbers of synapses
Nature 2021
Benjamin Scholl, Connon Thomas, Melissa Ryan, Naomi Kamasawa, David Fitzpatrick
In Vivo Imaging of the Coupling between Neuronal and CREB Activity in the Mouse Brain
Neuron 2019
Tal Laviv, Benjamin Scholl, Paula Parra-Bueno, Beth Foote, Chuqiu Zhang, Long Yan, Yuki Hayano, Jun Chu, Ryohei Yasuda
Local order within global disorder: synaptic architecture of visual space
Neuron 2017
Benjamin Scholl, Daniel E Wilson, David Fitzpatrick
Orientation selectivity and the functional clustering of synaptic inputs in primary visual cortex
Nature Neuroscience 2016
Daniel Wilson, David Whitney, Benjamin Scholl & David Fitzpatrick
Local Integration Accounts for Weak Selectivity of Mouse Neocortical Parvalbumin Interneurons
Neuron 2015
Benjamin Scholl, Jagruti J. Pattadkal, Geoffrey A. Dilly, Nicholas J. Priebe, Boris V. Zemelman
Sensory stimulation shifts visual cortex from synchronous to asynchronous states
Nature 2014.
Andrew Y.Y. Tan*, Yuzhi Chen*, Benjamin Scholl*, Eyal Seidemann & Nicholas J. Priebe.
Emergence of orientation selectivity in the mammalian visual pathway
J Neurosci 2013.
Benjamin Scholl, Andrew Y.Y. Tan, Joe Corey and Nicholas J. Priebe.
Nonoverlapping sets of synapes drive on and off responses in auditory cortex
Neuron 2010
Benjamin Scholl, Xiang Gao, and Michael Wehr.